Dance Bio

Fro has been studying the history of Hip Hop since he can remember and Fro has danced professionally for the past 10 years.
Just like Hip Hop began so many years ago, Fro has trained with his friends out in the street, and in his local neighborhood. He is a member of  the dance crew Brokentoyz, and StepXStep dance Team, and has trained with 5'FootaThrillaz, JBoogie, JoJo Diggs, Footklan, Soul Shifters, B-Boy Remind, Elektrolytes, and Mr. Wiggles just to name a few.

He has opened for artists such as, Black Eyed Peas, Lupe Fiasco, Dwelle, Keyshia Cole, DJ Kool Herc and other Hip Hop legends.
Additionally, he has danced in shows for clothing companies including South Pole, Sedgwick & Cedar, Lot 29, and Gearex.

Fro has performed for the company Intel (2013) and Huawai (2014) to perform at the CES convention.
Fro has also had the privalage to dance in a music video with Lindsey Stirling "Transcendence" (Orchestral)

Fro has also had the honor of dancing on "Soul Train" for two years. Fro has had the privilege of judging and participating in numerous dance competitions and battles.
Most recently, Fro won first place at a house battle held at The Jukebox where he competed against other well-known, big name dancers.  

Also, Mr. Wiggles (Rock Steady Crew) Certified the Jukebox Dance Instructors, which he is a part of, as CERTIFIED PARTY ROCKERS! (Foundation of Hip Hop Dance Styles)

Fro has been a dance instructor since 2005 and currently teaches at The Jukebox Grounds. Fro's goal in teaching Hip Hop is to instill the art of dance in kids as well as the importance of individuality through freestyle; while still incorporating breaking, house, locking, popping, and "new style" Hip Hop.

Fro offers private lessons, master classes, and workshops for people of all ages and skill level. Please email for pricing.

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