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Logos/T-Shirt Designs

Need a Logo or Shirt Design, have an idea of a logo or love another logo and you want yours to look something like it, or you just want me to come up with something new. I do it all, I will work with you until you are satisfied!


Custom Shoes
When i paint custom shoes, I make sure that I do it the correct way. When you get your shoes back from me, they will look and act like you bought them from the store. The paint will not chip, the paint will not fade if you try to clean them. They will act like normal shoes, but just like any shoe, if you play sports in them or just don't take care of them, they will scuff up just like any other pair of shoes.



When it comes to this category, I can pretty much do anything that has to do with the digital side of art. Album covers, Poster, Profile Picture, Business card, collaborate your favorite artist in to one big poster or for a loved one, anything you can think of!

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