New Album "RONIN"

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Fro has been a DJ since 2000 and has been mixing for dance companies since 2001. Fros mixes have been featured by Elektrolytes, 5'FootaThrillaz, Broken Toyz, Footklan, Beatkillaz, ElektroBotz, Furious Styles Crew, B-Girl Bonita and Yakuza Crew.

Whether its simple cuts, remixing songs, custom beats, or a fully customized mix, Fro can accommodate for all tastes and provide you with a truly unique mix.

Smooth cuts and EQ $80
Mix with sounds and FX starting at $150
Fully custom mix starting at $250
*Rates are subject to change depending on customization

Custom Beats

Fro is passionate about making beats and has been making custom beats from all music genres including hip-hop, R&B, trip-hop, house, and FroStyle music since 2001. Fro has customized beats for many artists including Earth Born, S. Black, Melany K., Amani J, New Breedz, Avenue of the Arts, and Rae Rae.

Beats start at $150
*Rates are subject to change depending on customization


Equipment (*project dependent)
Sony acid pro
Protools 11

Maschine MK2

Audio Technica mic

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