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Fro is the founder of MAD Styles Records and MADlab, which the home base is at The Jukebox Grounds, located in Mesa Arizona. Fro started making music back when he was in the 8th grade. Since then, he has made dance remixes for dance companies around the valley, music for artist, mixed down and mastered tracks and also a DJ for the dance battles that happen around the valley. Fro recently won a People's Choice DJ battle at an event celebrating Hip Hop's 50th birthday and The Jukebox Grounds' 13th anniversary. When it comes to FroStyles music, it is a combination of Hip Hop, Trap, Electronic, House, R&B Experimental and Story Telling. He takes a unique approach when it comes to your typical instrumental type music. MADlab is a group of young talented students of mine that I mentor. This group has beat makers, song writers, singers, MC's and a photographer.

Custom Beats

Fro is passionate about making beats and has been making custom beats from all music genres including Hip Hop, R&B, Trip Hop, House, and FroStyle music since 1999. Fro has made beats for many artists including Earth Born, S. Black, Melany K., Amani J, BellaRose, RaeRae and Balisong.


Equipment (*project dependent)
Protools 12

Focusrite Clarett+ 8Pre

Focusrite Platinum Twin Trak Pro

NI Komplete Kontrol S61 Keyboard
NI Maschine MK3
Rode NT1 mic

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